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23 September 2020


Despite a number of benefits from employment in an outsourcing company, some doubts are still arising on IT professionals' side Their... czytaj więcej

17 September 2020


Why is it worth cooperating with or work for IT outsourcing companies IT specialists - both programmers and administrators, project... czytaj więcej

1 September 2020


An investment in planning and good organization of work on the project will surely quickly pay off So if you are planning IT outsourcing,... czytaj więcej

27 August 2020


Building your own internal IT structures is a solution which, although tempting, generates high costs Getting the right IT specialists is... czytaj więcej

4 June 2020


The merger of Euvic and Edge One Solutions is the first step towards the development of a common operating model and full process... czytaj więcej

28 March 2020


Digital transformation assumes a continuous readiness for changes The advantage acquired today may not be one tomorrow What is new and... czytaj więcej

18 December 2019


High availability of the system is increasingly becoming a key non-functional requirement its creators must face Achieving a satisfactory... czytaj więcej

19 November 2019


We invite you to read an inspirational interview with Wiola Świrska, Edyta Barnaś, Monika Targońska, Aniela Kącka and Agnieszka... czytaj więcej

5 November 2019


Well, playing video games might not be the most productive thing to do in your life Unless you are a professional gamer winning... czytaj więcej