At the beginning of last June I became a certified Xamarin developer. The exam, as well as the journey I had to take in order to obtain that certificate were both a great challenge and an amazing adventure. By the “journey” I mean, among others, a preparatory stage in the form of completing a course within an obligatory Xamarin University subscription. Today I know that good work organization and a clearly defined goal were key to succeeding. It wasn’t easy, though…

But let me start from the very beginning by answering the question: What do I really need the certificate for?


Certification is a serious challenge, and obtaining it, by passing the exam, gives a large dose of self-confidence. In fact, not many things can really surprise us. Our knowledge and experience have been confirmed and the moment we obtain the certificate we become real Xamarin experts.


Everyday coding in a particular technology lets you get practical knowledge of a given topic. While it is true that practice makes perfect, you should never underestimate the value of theoretical knowledge – indispensable for better understanding of a topic. By focusing on what is currently necessary from the practical point of view, we tend to skip some aspects. Preparing for the exam requires completing a number of obligatory topics and creates an opportunity to discover new issues, previously unknown to us. Not only does it provide a chance to consolidate our knowledge, but also lets us gain new skills. Horizons are worth broadening, as new knowledge will sooner or later come in handy in the projects we currently are or will be working on in the future.


We may possess huge knowledge about a particular topic, but how will others know that we are really good at what we do? Unless we run a blog/GitHub where we present our skills, we will be forced to talk about our experience every time we want to gain others’ trust. Getting a certificate is a confirmation of our competences and knowledge, provided by an independent source.


Getting a certificate is an evidence that we treat our subject matter seriously. Broadening professional qualifications makes us score points with others. It is the opinion of ourselves as experts with our employer, clients, and other specialists.


Certification opens the doors which have previously been closed to us. We are talking not only about new projects for clients, where we would use our knowledge, but also about the opportunities that sharing this knowledge provides. In my case, this means cyclical Xamarin workshops which I run on behalf of my employer – Edge One Solutions. I also had the opportunity to appear as speaker at the Xamarin Dev Days conference in the Microsoft headquarters in Warsaw.

Obtaining the certificate is a reason to be proud, as well as energy boost for further action. I strongly encourage everyone to do it, as it constitutes a perfect way of gaining new and consolidating already existing knowledge. The badge and the certificate we get from Xamarin can be proudly shown to the whole world to win us not only recognition but also new contracts. I wish good luck to everyone and keep my fingers crossed for the future certified Xamarin developers.

Damian Antonowicz, Certified Xamarin Developer