People Recommendation Programme – it’s a new initiative by Edge One Solutions. The company’s HR Manager, Justyna Pawliczak, discusses the initiative’s advantages and details. 
People Recommendation Programme is Edge One Solutions’ new idea for recruitment and reaching out to candidates. Why does an IT company choose to incorporate a solution of this kind? Does it mean that the traditional recruitment model has failed?
JP.: Our recruitment department is working very effectively. Besides the traditional recruitment, we are running an internal employee recommendation programme. However, the time has come to go a step further and extend the candidate recommendation possibilities also to those who are not Edge1S employees. IT environment is deemed “more efficient and faster.” Our company has been delivering highest quality services to our clients for years now. The IT services market is expanding very rapidly, as is our customer portfolio – a portfolio of satisfied customers, I should add. We have incorporated this kind of solution as a response to a high demand for IT specialists in the projects we currently run.
How can you be sure that this method is efficient?
JP.: Recommendations are the best way to acquire top-class specialists and a guarantee that the referred candidates will precisely meet the expectations specified in the job offers. Naturally, we have been inspired by the programmes successfully functioning in the United States, which have been gaining publicity among Polish entrepreneurs for about three years now. Additionally, we have thought of an extra incentive in the form of a bonus for a successful recommendation.
The bonus for a recommendation is 4000 PLN?
JP.: Yes, not only have we decided to ask for external support in recommending specialists, but also to offer a bonus payment. The principle of participation in the programme is recommending a person for a position we are currently hiring for. Naturally, such a person needs to be informed about the recommendation beforehand, and cannot be registered in our current candidate database. Providing that Edge One Solutions establishes an employment relationship with this particular candidate, the person recommending them will obtain a 4000 PLN bonus. One programme participant is allowed to recommend an infinite number of candidates, which is an undeniable advantage. The details of the programme are to be found in the Terms and Conditions, which I invite to get acquainted with.
What candidates are you currently looking for?
JP.: We are currently building two new teams in Kraków and Lublin, and we are hiring for the following positions: Java Developers, Front End Developers and QA Specialists – overall about 40-50 persons. I would like to stress that the persons recommended will also be taken into account in the future Edge1S recruitment processes. Taken together all recruitments, the bonus will be granted in the case of recommending candidates for the positions such as Programmer, Software Tester, Analyst, Administrator, User Support Specialist, IT Solutions Architect, Project Manager, and all other IT and engineering profiles for which Edge One Solutions recruitment is currently open.What is the duration of the programme?

JP.: People Recommendation Programme is not limited in time. We are committed to hiring the best specialists there are, hence we focus on the programme’s long-term operation.

Is Edge One Solutions a good employer?

JP.: Definitely. Not only good but also stable and responsible for its employees. We ensure extensive development opportunities, including work in interesting projects of international scope. Our project portfolio is really rich – we work for clients hailing from various sectors. What is more, we give our employees the opportunity to participate in our own project – an edTech accelerator eduLAB – and use their competencies, also the out-of-work ones, in the cooperation with startups. Currently, nearly half of our employees are involved in eduLAB. I encourage everyone who is willing to work in a good company with a nice atmosphere which creates huge development opportunities to join Edge One Solutions.