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What does Quality Assurance Specialist’s job really consist in? Who can become a QA Specialist? What does one need to do to obtain extensive knowledge and experience in this job? 
In order to get an understanding of the issue of QA in IT projects, one should first find out what the job of specialists responsible for the quality of the software delivered actually looks like. Here are our own QA Line Managers - Wiola i Tomasz - telling us about the role of QA Specialists. 

shutterstock_478732861.thumb.jpg.b93f3c5What does QA Specialists’ job consist in?
First of all, they take care of the quality of the delivered software by testing the functioning of the entire application or its particular fragments. However, QA is not only about writing tests. It also requires the knowledge of the sector to which a solution is dedicated, as well as focuses on perfecting the sole process of application development. Bugs or deficiencies may appear at every stage of project implementation, both during setting the requirements, and the actual testing. In practice it implies identifying bugs in the app’s functioning, at the same time simply being on the lookout for any room for the app’s improvement.  
QA Specialist is the first to get their hands on the app and it is their job to make sure it is the best possible response to users’ needs and expectations. Hence, QA Specialist must understand and know clients’ assumptions and expectations regarding the product inside out, and strive to make those expectations meet those of the users. In order to achieve that goal, one must possess comprehensive, analytical approach, innate inquisitiveness, and the ability to ask the right questions.

Which means it is not a job for everyone. Who will prove themselves right for the job of QA Specialist?
Quality Assurance is primarily a job for people with analytical skills, inquisitive and precise. This is a departure point which is followed by the understanding of programming process, as well as the code itself. The ability to program, though not obligatory, makes things a great deal easier by simply facilitating testers’ job. We could compare it to the knowledge of a foreign language, or any other skill for that matter – even basic knowledge allows to identify particular bugs quicker, and constitutes a foundation for further development and improvements. Just like a developer, a QA usually specializes in one particular technology, but it is advisable to have some understanding, even very basic, of at least a few languages, which provides freedom and flexibility of working in various projects. What is also very helpful, is the so-called useful pessimism. Assuming not everything works the way it should, we are more focused on finding irregularities or the elements which could be improved.

What knowledge and skills should one have to be good at this job?
For the automated tests developer, it is the basics of programming that matter the most, as well as the knowledge of software development methodologies, such as Agile. Being acquainted with version control systems (e.g. Git), bug reporting tools (e.g. JIRA), and the tools for project build automation (e.g. Maven) are all of considerable help. In other words, good programming knowledge is definitely an asset. Of additional importance are the frameworks related to test automation, such as Selenium WebDriver. Naturally, lack of knowledge in this respect is not a huge big problem, as upgrading your skills shouldn’t take too long. 
The so-called soft skills are of great importance – being able to communicate and work in a team. Our job is all about the contact and relationship with other project team members. To make our actions as effective as possible, we need to stay in constant touch and seek understanding with analysts, developers, Project Managers and all other participants of software development process. Exchange of information and communication are key.

Are automated tests better than manual ones?
They are definitely faster, allow for more repetitiveness, and save time. Automation lets us avoid repetitiveness and monotony of tester’s work. When it comes to manual tests, multiple checking of the same functionalities takes much more time, although their advantage lies in the human behind the steer – his or her intellect and the ability to swiftly adapt to changes.

What are professional development opportunities for automated testers? 
Thanks to the fact that we are ”in the middle” – between programming and analysis – we have a great view of the whole app development process, as well as the final product itself. In other words, we are at the same time close to business analysis and to the application’s code. Like in any profession – if the job gives you satisfaction, you stay where you are, gain more experience, and ultimately reach the rank of a senior specialist. If you need to change something – you always have a choice. You extend your software development knowledge, your codes get better and better, and you either develop your skills in the field of test automation, or you pick a different career path. As we have mentioned before, QA specialists work hand in hand with Business Analysts, so if they only wish to develop in business analysis area, they stand a great chance of one day becoming BAs themselves. The third possibility is moving towards software development, namely switching to a backend or frontend developer’s career path. This clearly shows how many professional development opportunities QA’s job presents. It all depends on one’s individual approach, predispositions and interests.

So a QA can become a developer. What about, say, Junior Java Developers? Could they become automated testers?
Most definitely. Writing automated tests actually falls into the category of programming. What makes us different, though, is the fact that we don’t create the app’s code, but the code itself – the code which checks whether the app works according to the functional requirements. Ultimately, we have influence on the look and functionality of the delivered solution. As it was said before, the knowledge of software development is crucial to write a high-quality test codes. High-quality tests are, in turn, a guarantee of the whole app’s quality. Being already acquainted with programming in, say, Java, plus about 3 weeks for learning Selenium WebDriver opens a variety of possibilities outlined above. It lets one see the code and app creation from a different perspective.

What does your daily work look like? What do you like about it the most?
A QA’s day may vary, depending on the sprint. It is mostly composed of writing automated tests, reviewing the code and the stories, and at the end of the sprint – checking out, regressing and stabilizing the tests. All of it in continuous cooperation with the rest of the project team – once again: communication is key.
The best thing about our job is the lack of monotony – everyday there is something else happening – and the possibility to directly cooperate with numerous people having various skills and competences.

What needs to be done to become a QA Specialist?
One needs to objectively assess whether they possess the qualities and skills required for this role. That’s the foundation. If we are not constrained by anything, and we have the right predispositions, it would be smart to obtain some basic programming knowledge. There are also post-graduate studies preparing for the job of QA. To all those already having some knowledge of programming languages, we would recommend trainings and workshops on Tests Automation, reading related blogs and participating in conferences. If such candidates find their place in a good QA team, they will surely receive the support they need, and will have the opportunity to make use of their colleagues’ knowledge and experience. 

People Development Programme – it’s a new Edge One Solutions initiative by Edge One Solutions. The company’s HR Manager, Justyna Pawliczak, discusses the initiative’s advantages and details.

People Recommendation Programme is Edge One Solutions’ new idea for recruitment and reaching out to candidates. Why does an IT company choose to incorporate a solution of this kind? Does it mean that the traditional recruitment model has failed?

JP.: Our recruitment department is working very effectively. Besides the traditional recruitment, we are running an internal employee recommendation programme. However, the time has come to go a step further and extend the candidate recommendation possibilities also to those who are not Edge1S employees. IT environment is deemed “more efficient and faster.” Our company has been delivering highest quality services to our clients for years now. The IT services market is expanding very rapidly, as is our customer portfolio - a portfolio of satisfied customers, I should add. We have incorporated this kind of solution as a response to a high demand for IT specialists in the projects we currently run.


How can you be sure that this method is efficient?

JP.: Recommendations are the best way to acquire top class specialists, and a guarantee that the referred candidates will precisely meet the expectations specified in the job offers.  Naturally, we have been inspired by the programmes successfully functioning in the United States, which have been gaining publicity among Polish entrepreneurs for about three years now. Additionally, we have thought of an extra incentive in the form of a bonus for a successful recommendation.


The bonus for a recommendation is 4000 PLN?

JP.: Yes, not only have we decided to ask for external support in recommending specialists, but also to offer a bonus payment. The principle of participation in the programme is recommending a person for a position we are currently hiring for. Naturally, such a person needs to be informed about the recommendation beforehand, and cannot be registered in our current candidate database. Providing that Edge One Solutions establishes employment relationship with this particular candidate, the person recommending them will obtain a 4000 PLN bonus. One programme participant is allowed to recommend an infinite number of candidates, which is an undeniable advantage. The details of the programme are to be found in the Terms and Conditions, which I invite to get acquainted with.

What candidates are you currently looking for?

JP.: We are currently building two new teams in Kraków and Lublin, and we are hiring for the following positions: Java Developers, Front End Developers and QA Specialists – overall about 40-50 persons. I would like to stress that the persons recommended will also be taken into account in the future Edge1S recruitment processes. Taken together all recruitments, the bonus will be granted in the case of recommending candidates for the positions such as: Programmer, Software Tester, Analyst, Administrator, User Support Specialist, IT Solutions Architect, Project Manager, and all other IT and engineering profiles for which Edge One Solutions recruitment is currently open.

What is the duration of the programme?

JP.: People Recommendation Programme is not limited in time. We are committed to hiring the best specialists there are, hence we focus on the programme’s long-term operation.

Is Edge One Solutions a good employer?

JP.: Definitely. Not only good, but also stable and responsible for its employees. We ensure extensive development opportunities, including work in interesting projects of international scope. Our project portfolio is really rich – we work for clients hailing from various sectors. What is more, we  give our employees the opportunity to participate in our own project -  an edtech accelerator eduLAB – and use their competences, also the out-of-work ones, in the cooperation with startups. Currently, nearly half of our employees are involved in eduLAB. I encourage everyone who is willing to work in a good company with nice atmosphere which creates huge development opportunities to join Edge One Solutions.


„People Recommendation Programme” terms and conditions


I. Focus of the programme



  1. People Recommendation Programme” is aimed at encouraging the addressees to send to Edge One Solutions Sp. z o.o. a CV of an IT expert of their acquaintance (understood as a person operating in IT and engineering sector), who has not been previously registered in Edge One Solutions Sp. z o.o. database. In the case of establishing cooperation with / hiring the recommended person, the referring party shall receive a one-off bonus payment of PLN 4.000 (in words: four thousand zloty 00/100) for the fact of establishing cooperation with / hiring the recommended IT expert.


  2. Bonus amount referred to in section 2 is granted for every recommended IT expert with whom cooperation or employment relationship has been established.


  3. Referral is valid for a period of 6 months from the date of sending the CV. On expiry of that period, in the case of establishing cooperation/employment relationship with the IT expert, the bonus shall not be granted. The organizer reserves the right to grant the bonus in the above-mentioned case. The organizer shall communicate the foregoing fact directly to the person recommending a candidate


  4. The right to submit referrals is reserved exclusively to natural persons.


  5. Bonus will be granted and paid compliant to the conditions stated in article IV of these terms and conditions. 



II. Duration of the programme


Programme comes into force starting August 1, 2017 and is not subject to a time limit. The organizer may decide upon the programme’s termination at any time.


III. Participants of the programme


  1. Participation in the programme is open for every natural person who recommends an IT expert of their acquaintance to Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o.


  2. Persons having legal personality (e.g. recruitment agencies.) are excluded from the programme.


3.      A person is entitled to take part in the programme irrespective of their prior  participation in recruitment process in Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o.


  1. Taking part in the programme is deemed synonymous with acceptance of these terms and conditions stating the rules of the programme.


5.      General information on the programme, including a link to these programme terms and conditions in pdf version, is accessible the Organizer’s – Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. webpage.




IV. Rules of participation


  1. In order to take part in the programme one needs to send a CV of an IT expert of their acquaintance containing the candidate’s contact details (telephone number / email) to a dedicated address


  2. Organizer’s autoresponder will inform the person recommending an expert about the upcoming contact from an authorized Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. representative within 5 days of receiving the expert’s CV, including the information about CV’s eligibility for the programme.


  3. One participant may recommend an Infinite number of persons.


  4. Recommendation of an expert takes place with regard to a particular position for  which Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. is seeking a specialist. 


  5. Recommendation shall be accompanied by information regarding the recommended candidate’s level of experience, as well as contact details (telephone number / email).


  6. Recommended person must be considered during IT sector recruitment processes carried out in Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o.


  7. Bonus will be granted in the case of recommending candidates for the following positions/profiles:


a.      Programmer


b.      Software Tester


c.       Analyst


d.      Administrator


e.      User Support Specialist


f.        IT Solutions Architect


g.      Project Manager 


h.      All other IT and engineering profiles for which Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. recruitment is currently open, classified by the Organizer as eligible for “People Recommendation Programme”.


  1. Submitted application must contain consent for processing of personal data of August 29, 1997 (Dz. U. - Journal of Laws – of 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended) and must be acquired by the referring party:




“I hereby agree for processing my personal data, included in the submitted documents by Edge One Solutions Sp. z o.o. with its seat in Warsaw, 02-626 at ul. Postępu 14B, including its processing in the future, for the purpose of recruitment. The consent is voluntary and I declare that I have been informed about my rights resulting from the Data Protection Act of August 29, 1997 (Dz. U. – Journal of Laws – of 2002, No. 101, item 926 as amended)”. 






  1. Recommended person must be notified about the fact of being recommended and consent to the recommendation.


  2. In the case of a CV of the same candidate being submitted by more than one person, the bonus shall be granted to the person who was the first to recommend the candidate.


  3. In the case of the recommended person’s CV having been previously registered in Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. database, the bonus will not be granted. The bonus will not be granted also in the case of recommending a former Edge One Solutions sp. z o.o. employee/contractor.


  4. In the case of the contacted/recommended person’s lack of knowledge about having been recommended by third parites, the bonus will not be granted.


  5. In order for the Organizer to sign an agreement with the programme participant – a person recommending an expert, the participant is obliged within 5 working days of the decision to grant the bonus to send all data necessary for drawing up a commission contract.  After this period has expired without results, the Organizer has the right to refuse to pay the bonus.


  6. The decision about granting a participant the bonus will be communicated by the Organizer (they will contact the recommending person at the phone number or email provided in the CV submission), after the commission contract has been signed by both parties. The money will be transferred to the bank account indicated by the participant within 30 days of signing the commission contract.


  7. Bonus may be increased on voluntary basis by the Organizer for a specified period of time and for specified candidate profiles. The information about the increase in bonus, the duration, as well as the desired candidate profile each time will be posted on the Organizers webpage.




 V. Programme organization


  1. Edge One Solutions Sp. z o.o. is the Organizer of the programme.


  2. Łukasz Czarnecki is the person managing the programme and responsible for the conduct of the programme.


  3. Organizer commits to overseeing the execution of the programme and ensuring compliance with the programme’s terms and conditions. The Organizer also undertakes to maintain documentation of the programme.


  4. In well-founded cases the Organizer has the right to change the provisions of programme terms and conditions regarding the duration of the programme and the method of bonus payment.


  5. For matters not regulated or in cases of dispute, the right to make decisions and resolve issues is reserved to programme’s Organizer.






Approved by programme Organizer:


Łukasz Czernecki – CEO  oraz Mariusz Zawolik – Vice-CEO


Edge One Solutions sp. z o. o.




At the beginning of last June I became a certified Xamarin developer. The exam, as well as the journey I had to take in order to obtain that certificate were both a great challenge and an amazing adventure. By the “journey” I mean, among others, a preparatory stage in the form of completing a course within an obligatory Xamarin University subscription. Today I know that good work organization and a clearly defined goal were key to succeeding. It wasn’t easy, though...

But let me start from the very beginning by answering the question: What do I really need the certificate for? 


Certification is a serious challenge, and obtaining it, by passing the exam, gives a large dose of self-confidence. In fact, not many things can really surprise us. Our knowledge and experience have been confirmed and the moment we obtain the certificate we become real Xamarin experts.


Everyday coding in a particular technology lets you get practical knowledge of a given topic. While it is true that practice makes perfect, you should never underestimate the value of theoretical knowledge – indispensable for better understanding of a topic. By focusing on what is currently necessary from the practical point of view, we tend to skip some aspects. Preparing for the exam requires completing a number of obligatory topics and creates an opportunity to discover new issues, previously unknown to us. Not only does it provide a chance to consolidate our knowledge, but also lets us gain new skills. Horizons are worth broadening, as new knowledge will sooner or later come in handy in the projects we currently are, or will be working on in the future.


We may possess huge knowledge about a particular topic, but how will others know that we are really good at what we do? Unless we run a blog/GitHub where we present our skills, we will be forced to talk about our experience every time we want to gain others’ trust. Getting a certificate is a confirmation of our competences and knowledge, provided by an independent source.


Getting a certificate is the evidence that we treat our subject matter seriously. Broadening professional qualifications makes us score points with others. It is the opinion of ourselves as experts with our employer, clients and other specialists. 


Certification opens the doors which have previously been closed to us. We are talking not only about new projects for clients, where we would use our knowledge, but also about the opportunities that sharing this knowledge provides. In my case this means cyclical Xamarin workshops which I run on behalf of my employer - Edge One Solutions. I also had the opportunity to appear as speaker at the Xamarin Dev Days conference in the Microsoft headquarters in Warsaw.

19024986_674406819418298_582078272946391   19055595_674407352751578_249328834013726

Obtaining the certificate is a reason to be proud, as well as energy boost for further action. I strongly encourage everyone to do it, as it constitutes a perfect way of gaining new and consolidating already existing knowledge. The badge and the certificate we get from Xamarin can be proudly shown to the whole world to win us not only recognition but also new contracts. I wish good luck to everyone and keep my fingers crossed for the future certified Xamarin developers.


Damian Antonowicz, Certified Xamarin Developer




The second Saturday of June marked another edCAMP – an event organized by our Education Technologies accelerator: eduLAB. It’s the second consecutive marathon in the first round of acceleration aimed at selecting the most innovative ideas to solve technological problems of universities and scientific establishments. The event took place in our Warsaw office. It was really intensive and exciting day.

A total of 19 teams competed for edCAMP’s main prize – participation in the eduLAB project. The project grants its participants the opportunity to implement their idea thanks to access to knowledge, technology, as well as product development financing at the level of up to 1.000.000 PLN, including monthly remuneration for project team members. eduLAB accelerator’s support constitutes also the equipment, software, necessary trainings and business monitoring, as well as technological support provided by Edge1S experts. Backed by business mentors from Microsoft Poland, Department of International Co-operation of the Office of the Marshall of the Lubelskie Voivodeship, the teams had 12 hours to prepare their ideas for technological and IT solutions for the education sector. 

„It was a real duel – says Maks Stempniewicz Microsoft Poland’s Business Evangelist Partner, a mentor at eduLAB. Everyone was very committed, willing to cooperate and open. The teams accepted critical remarks and incorporated them in their activities. This willingness to compete and openness to cooperation made a deep impression on me. In my opinion, these are the basic features characteristic of entrepreneurs, and I do hope that the winners will make use of the opportunity eduLAB creates to develop their skills, improve their products and effectively implement them in the domain of education.”

„Taking part in edCAMP was an extraordinary adventure for all of us. – says Artur Habza, Director of the Department of International Co-operation of the Office of the Marshall of the Lubelskie Voivodeship, a mentor at eduLAB. It is quite amazing how the teams’ full preparadness, reserves of energy and the conviction of the uniqueness of particular ideas, while confronting a wall of practicians with vast knowledge and experience, split into the strong ones ready to accelerate, and those which need to slow down considerably in order to build a solid foundation for further work. Some of the ideas get rejected, but it is uplifting how the teams quickly substitute them with new concepts. It is a proof of particular teams’ strength and potential, as well as of their openness to learning, sometimes criticism, so that every next attempt is only better. In my opinion, this is exactly what it should look like – the best ideas compete for the main prize, while the best of the losing teams gain experience and join the game once again.  This way of building up startups’ potential guarantees the awareness of the power of victory and the consequence of failure.”

First prize – entry to pre-acceleration – a stage preparing for investment interview, which also includes establishing required documentation, was awarded to the authors of ”SmartCow” solution. Two second prizes – assessment centre cheques, allowing for further business and technological competence verification and preparing for pre-acceleration – were awarded to “eduBarter” and “ConfVRStation” teams. 

wwa.thumb.jpg.b86532aa447634aebd693435c5    wwa1.thumb.jpg.9499ff632e6fdbf5922c24722    WWAwinner.thumb.jpg.ce333a3edf9535069396

The solution’s purpose is to provide precise observations of breeding animals’ behaviors.  The developed system, composed of a set of electronic devices and network service, is aimed at collecting and quick transmission of accurate behavioral data. It allows for more effective use of information in research work and efficient breed management.

A platform for VR-technology broadcasting of conferences, research and training sessions. It will also allow sharing information on scientific research being carried out. The solution enables real-time communication and cooperation. Besides efficient event organization and reducing costs, it’s indisputable advantage lies in enabling the participation in conferences/research to people with disabilities and impairments.

The platform allows for a barter exchange of one’s skills, knowledge or experiences. It will make personal development much easier, and the participants will work in a win-win methodology (skill for skill). An additional advantage of the solution is a “hobbyist’s package” which will allow companies to provide their employees with active free-time activities.

The solutions selected during edCAMP have the chance to advance to the next phase – eduLAB Academy, where they will receive maximal support in project implementation. At this stage not only will the teams be creating their own products, but also preparing for running their own business in the future.

The accelerator’s concept of operation is based on three pillars. The first one is to define the needs of academic establishments, the second involves searching for ideas/solutions which would address these needs, and the third is the acceleration and creating final products. What is more, one of the main principles of this initiative is to create projects applicable in other sectors as well (so-called dual use).

The project is going to last 36 months. It will involve the minimum of 6 acceleration rounds which together will create the minimum of 13 solutions ready to be implemented. The second round of acceleration kicks off in September 2017. Currently, the idea recruitment is being carried out. The next edCAMPS, within the second cycle, are planned for the beginning of November. Within all the acceleration cycles, at least 6 companies will be created, having the potential to continue the development of the product and its launch to the market, hence becoming Education Technology pioneers in Poland.

Mpre about eduLAB:

Saturday, May 27, 2017, is a historic moment not only for Lublin’s universities, but also for the whole region and Lublin itself. Edge One Solutions headquarters hosted the first ever edCAMP – an event organized by eduLAB accelerator, powered by the knowledge and experience of Edge1S specialists. It was aimed at selecting the most innovative ideas for solving universities’ and academic establishment’s technological problems.

The premiere of edCAMP, one of the stages of the search for innovative edTech solutions, gathered  15 teams, the total of nearly 70 people – representatives of student, startup and entrepreneur environments – willing to fight for the support for their projects. Competition was intense, as the stake was very high. The best team would be granted the right to participate in an eduLAB project which could help them make their idea come true thanks to the access to knowledge, technology and project financing up to 1 000 000 PLN.

Financial support, including salaries for project team members, is not everything – says Piotr Pietras, eduLAB Managing Director. – Our accelerator will help innovators at every stage of their works, providing them with, among others, equipment, software, necessary trainings and business monitoring, as well as technological support from Edge One Solutions experts. Additionally, eduLAB will cover the first sale of the product. This is a unique acceleration offer on Polish market – he adds. 

Teams supported by business mentors had 12 hours during which they prepared ideas for technological and IT solutions for education in a broad sense. Technological aspects were assessed by our experts. 


18767530_667543740104606_197257550308153  18767394_667543746771272_250023525214381  18740470_667543743437939_584850821774860

First prize, a cheque for preacceleration, i.e. entering the stage at which investment talk is prepared and necessary documentation is compiled, was awarded to the authors of the “Genius HR” solution. Two second awards – cheques for assessment centre stage, i.e. entry to further business and technological competence verification, which prepares teams for preacceleration – went to teams working on “Profil Kompetencji Zawodowych” (Professional Competence Profile) and “Edubus”. 

GeniusHR is a solution aimed at improving the performance of HR departments, as well as making students find their dream jobs easier. Its task is to analyze a CV and prepare candidates for a job interview virtually. Thanks to GeniusHR students will be able to verify their competences and employability.

Profil Kompetencji Zawodowych is a platform (database) containing professional competence profiles of students of psychology faculties, as well as psychologists. The tool will broadly research their skills and, in the future, will also include other faculties and specializations.

EduBus  is a concept for mobile and modern computer research units fully equipped and adapted to learning and accessing new technologies directly. The solution will help broaden horizons, develop and equalize opportunities.


The solutions selected during edCAMP move on to the next stage – eduLAB Academy, in which they will receive maximum support in project implementation. At this stage not only will the teams create their own products, but also prepare for running their own businesses in the future. 

eduLAB accelerator is consistent with Lublin’s strategic activities – says Maciej Zaporowski, Head of Lubelska Wyżyna IT. It concerns entrepreneurship – he adds  - also within IT sector. It’s an important project regarding the city’s cooperation with universities, universities’ cooperation with one another, as well as with businesses. eduLAB project will surely contribute to selecting the best students, most innovative ideas, and hence solutions which will have practical application in the city. 


The idea of the accelerator’s functioning is based on 3 pillars. The first one is to define the needs of academic establishments, the second involves searching for ideas/solutions which would address these needs, and the third is the acceleration and creating final products. What is more, one of the main principles of this initiative is to create projects applicable in other sectors as well (so-called dual use). EduLAB project is going to last 36 months, within which the maximum of 6 rounds of acceleration will take place, generating the total of at least 13 solutions ready to be implemented.  


The next edCAMP within the first round of acceleration is going to take place on June 10 in Warsaw. Registration for the event is currently open. During all cycles of the acceleration at least 6 companies will be established. They will have a chance to continue developing their product and introduce it to the market, thus becoming Education Technology pioneers in Poland. 

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