Saturday, May 27, 2017, is a historic moment not only for Lublin’s universities, but also for the whole region and Lublin itself. Edge One Solutions headquarters hosted the first ever edCAMP – an event organized by eduLAB accelerator, powered by the knowledge and experience of Edge1S specialists. It was aimed at selecting the most innovative ideas for solving universities’ and academic establishment’s technological problems.

The premiere of edCAMP, one of the stages of the search for innovative edTech solutions, gathered  15 teams, the total of nearly 70 people – representatives of student, startup and entrepreneur environments – willing to fight for the support for their projects. Competition was intense, as the stake was very high. The best team would be granted the right to participate in an eduLAB project which could help them make their idea come true thanks to the access to knowledge, technology and project financing up to 1 000 000 PLN.

Financial support, including salaries for project team members, is not everything – says Piotr Pietras, eduLAB Managing Director. – Our accelerator will help innovators at every stage of their works, providing them with, among others, equipment, software, necessary trainings and business monitoring, as well as technological support from Edge One Solutions experts. Additionally, eduLAB will cover the first sale of the product. This is a unique acceleration offer on Polish market – he adds. 

Teams supported by business mentors had 12 hours during which they prepared ideas for technological and IT solutions for education in a broad sense. Technological aspects were assessed by our experts. 


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First prize, a cheque for preacceleration, i.e. entering the stage at which investment talk is prepared and necessary documentation is compiled, was awarded to the authors of the “Genius HR” solution. Two second awards – cheques for assessment centre stage, i.e. entry to further business and technological competence verification, which prepares teams for preacceleration – went to teams working on “Profil Kompetencji Zawodowych” (Professional Competence Profile) and “Edubus”. 

GeniusHR is a solution aimed at improving the performance of HR departments, as well as making students find their dream jobs easier. Its task is to analyze a CV and prepare candidates for a job interview virtually. Thanks to GeniusHR students will be able to verify their competences and employability.

Profil Kompetencji Zawodowych is a platform (database) containing professional competence profiles of students of psychology faculties, as well as psychologists. The tool will broadly research their skills and, in the future, will also include other faculties and specializations.

EduBus  is a concept for mobile and modern computer research units fully equipped and adapted to learning and accessing new technologies directly. The solution will help broaden horizons, develop and equalize opportunities.


The solutions selected during edCAMP move on to the next stage – eduLAB Academy, in which they will receive maximum support in project implementation. At this stage not only will the teams create their own products, but also prepare for running their own businesses in the future. 

eduLAB accelerator is consistent with Lublin’s strategic activities – says Maciej Zaporowski, Head of Lubelska Wyżyna IT. It concerns entrepreneurship – he adds  - also within IT sector. It’s an important project regarding the city’s cooperation with universities, universities’ cooperation with one another, as well as with businesses. eduLAB project will surely contribute to selecting the best students, most innovative ideas, and hence solutions which will have practical application in the city. 


The idea of the accelerator’s functioning is based on 3 pillars. The first one is to define the needs of academic establishments, the second involves searching for ideas/solutions which would address these needs, and the third is the acceleration and creating final products. What is more, one of the main principles of this initiative is to create projects applicable in other sectors as well (so-called dual use). EduLAB project is going to last 36 months, within which the maximum of 6 rounds of acceleration will take place, generating the total of at least 13 solutions ready to be implemented.  


The next edCAMP within the first round of acceleration is going to take place on June 10 in Warsaw. Registration for the event is currently open. During all cycles of the acceleration at least 6 companies will be established. They will have a chance to continue developing their product and introduce it to the market, thus becoming Education Technology pioneers in Poland. 

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