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People. Commitment. Development.

Individual approach to our employee, development of both individual and team professional competences as well as operation in line with our key values allow us to create a valuable and committed team. Inspired and driven by challenges.

What makes us special?


We invest in our employees

Our company’s growth lies, above all, in our employees growth, which is why we have set up an individualized employee development program (People Development Programme) within which every employe has the opportunity to shape their career and push it forward according to their own professional plans, and the idea they have for themselves.


We support creativity

We provide our employees with an opportunity to participate in extra initiatives and knowledge-sharing occasions within industry events and internal workshops, obtain mentoring for startups accelerated within Group, as well as develop their own ideas.

Our values are
visible and tangible


A strong team makes a strong company. What matters most to us is cooperation, openness, respect and understanding for ideas, opinions and individual preferences. Together we can reach higher and make bolder decisions.


We are strongly committed to building long-lasting and strong relationships based on trust, which allow us to achieve mutual benefits. We always act to the maximum use of our competences, transparently and in a feedback culture.


We develop by broadening our knowledge and acquiring new skills. We learn from each other. We share our knowledge with co-workers as well as with people outside the company during meetings and conferences.


We are aware of the impact of our work on the company development. We always act with full commitment and responsibility for the quality of services provided. Our actions create the image of the company among customers and co-workers.


We proactively set goals and take the challenges. Together we consistently look for new solutions. Successful teams and important events in the company’s life are an opportunity for joint celebrations.

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